Hydrogen Ukraine Participated in the EU workshop on renewable energy

Hydrogen Ukraine Participated in the EU workshop on renewable energy.

Hydrogen Ukraine CEO Iaroslav Kryl actively participated in the workshop “Renewable energy projects with regional impact” on April 11, 2024. This important event aimed to identify and promote renewable energy projects that can significantly impact the regional energy landscape within the Central and Energy Connectivity in Southeast Europe (CESEC). The workshop highlighted H2U projects, which were discussed in a session on mapping key renewable energy initiatives.

During the discussion, Iaroslav Kryl had the opportunity to express the specific challenges facing hydrogen energy projects during wartime. His participation highlights the key role Ukraine plays in the regional development of renewable energy, even in the face of Russian invasion.

The platform provided during the workshop allowed us to highlight the importance of maintaining the momentum of renewable energy projects and cross-border cooperation for the continuous pursuit of energy security and sustainable development.

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The workshop was organized by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy (DG ENER), which is at the vanguard of EU energy policy and strategy. Participation in extensive preparatory and research work, cooperation of specialized entities – 3E, a consulting company focusing on renewable energy and sustainable development; Th!nk E, known for its expertise in energy innovation; and EY (Ernst & Young), a leader in advisory services – played an instrumental role.

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Hydrogen Ukraine Participated in the EU workshop on renewable energy. source