Government policy and the triple lock – The Irish Times

Sir – Roger Cole claims that “all three government parties supported the triple lock in their manifesto at the last election” (Letters, May 4). This is not correct. Fine Gael made no such commitment in its 2020 manifesto and in fact committed to a wide-ranging review of Irish defense policy, albeit within the framework of our current non-military alliance.

It is certainly true that all three parties committed to maintaining the farcical ‘triple lock’ in the 2020 Program for Government, but Fianna Fáil and the Green Party have seen the light and realized that this is not possible in an increasingly unstable world. keep Russia and China – through their veto power on the UN Security Council – having more influence over the deployment of Irish troops than the Irish Government or the Dáil.

This solution may suit groups like Mr. Cole who are clearly ambivalent about the actions of these gangster dictatorships, but it has no place in any mature sovereign democracy. – Yours etc.,



Dublin 3.

Sir Roger Cole, chairman of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance, accuses the government of engaging in the destruction of Irish neutrality by abandoning the triple lock after pledging to keep it in its election manifesto. I would like to point out to Mr Cole that the election manifestos were written before Russia invaded Ukraine and that, by not abandoning the triple lock, the Government will maintain Russia’s veto on the deployment of Irish troops.

I would also like to point out to Mr Cole that the abandonment of the triple lock does not in any way affect Ireland’s neutrality. – Yours etc.,



What Kildare.