Safety regulations there come into force

May 13, 2024 – Entry into force of regulations on dam safety (Photo / attached)

Do you have a dam on your property and if so, does it meet safety requirements? The new Building (Dam Safety) Regulations 2022 come into force on 13 May 2024 and cover dams with a certain height and volume threshold.

All dams will need a Potential Impact Classification (PIC) to assess what impact a dam failure could have on the community, major infrastructure, historic or cultural sites and the environment.

The regulations were introduced to make the dam more resilient and safe, said Dhyanom Gala, head of the Construction Control Group. The regulations also ensure a nationally consistent, risk-based approach to dam safety.

“The government recently changed the thresholds to reduce the number of dams requiring classification,” Mr. Gala said.

It was important that specialist engineering resources focused on dams that posed the greatest risk to people and property downstream, and that owners of classified dams could meet their regulatory obligations, he said.

Under the amended regulation, dams should only be classified if they are at least four meters high and hold 20,000 cubic meters or more. The deadlines for submitting documentation remain unchanged.

Dams that are one or more meters high and hold 40,000 or more cubic meters of water or other fluid no longer need to be classified and are not affected by the regulations. Dam owners must provide the Council with a potential impact classification certificate for their dam by August 13, 2024.

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Information and resources are available on the Council’s website or the MBIE Building Performance website and include detailed guidance and resources to help owners calculate the height and volume of a dam to check whether it is affected by the regulations.

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