Zoning code approved by Alexander County commissioners

The Alexander County Board of Commissioners held a public hearing to discuss the draft Land Development Code (LDC) at its regular meeting earlier this week. Director of Planning and Development Brian Burgess presented the LDC to the board at Monday’s (May 6) meeting.

LDC articles include General Regulations, Zoning District Regulations, Subdivision Regulations, Appropriate Public Facilities Regulations, Landscape Design Standards, General Standards, Sign Regulations, Natural Resources, Conformances, Decision-Making Authorities, Review Processes and Procedures, Enforcement/Violations / appeals, nuisances, legal status and definitions.

Burgess said the 389-page plan aims to: (1) provide adequate light and air; (2) prevent overpopulation of the earth; (3) avoid excessive population concentration; (4) reduce road congestion; (5) ensure safety from fire, panic and dangers; and (6) facilitate the effective and adequate provision of transportation, water, sewer, schools, parks, and other public needs.

Chairman Josh Lail asked whether the plan would limit agricultural uses. Burgess said agriculture is exempt from zoning regulations under state statute. During the public hearing, local citizen Phil Bowman expressed concerns about LDC and potential growth in Alexander County. He said the county is losing forest land while population, traffic and development are increasing.

Commissioners unanimously approved the Zoning Code.

(Press release courtesy of Gary Herman, Alexander County Public Information Officer)