Hitachi Energy supports the long-term operation of the SunZia transmission project

Hitachi Energy has signed a multi-year agreement with Pattern Energy to support high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology for the SunZia transmission project. The interconnector will connect SunZia Wind’s 3,515-MW project in New Mexico with Arizona and the Western states, which will be one of the world’s largest transmission links for renewable energy.

Hitachi Energy supports the long-term operation of the SunZia transmission project

The long-term contract will provide service solutions for the SunZia Transmission HVDC link currently under construction, owned by Pattern Energy, one of the world’s largest private developers and operators of renewable energy and transmission projects. Hitachi Energy HVDC light® the technology will enable massive amounts of wind energy to be efficiently transmitted and integrated over distances of over 885 km (550 miles) into the regional power grid. This will significantly increase the availability of sustainable energy for homes and businesses across the region when it becomes operational, which is expected in 2025.

EmbraceTM is Hitachi Energy’s portfolio of partnership-focused services, signaling a step change in its lifecycle approach. This order underlines Hitachi Energy’s commitment to long-term partnerships based on trust and builds on its proven track record of delivering innovative and reliable energy services solutions.

When completed, SunZia Wind will have a total capacity of 3,515 MW, which will be enough clean, renewable electricity to power approximately 3 million Americans. The HVDC link will effectively transmit up to 3,000 MW of this power west to Arizona. The HVDC Light system will be the largest voltage source converter (VSC) installation in the U.S., one of the largest in the world, and one of the longest HVDC connections in the country.

“We are proud to have once again been selected to provide our unique service expertise to keep the important SunZia link operating with maximum efficiency, efficiency and reliability,” said Andreas Berthou, global director of HVDC at Hitachi Energy. “Through our service solutions, we are building an ecosystem of partnerships to ensure continuous support for the HVDC link throughout its lifespan, delivering cutting-edge digital services that are driven by sustainability and customer value.”

“SunZia’s transmission and wind projects provide a roadmap to accelerate the transition to renewable energy,” added Paul Haberlein, vice president of operational excellence at Pattern Energy. “SunZia will play a key role in providing clean and sustainable energy to Western countries. Pattern has selected Hitachi Energy, a global technology leader, as our partner for the design, manufacture and maintenance of HVDC converter stations once they enter service.”

The HVDC System Service covers a wide range of activities and support, including scheduled maintenance, cyber services, on-site engineering support and HVDC Light station lifecycle assessment.

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