Raise the can and raise a glass to Graza’s nitrogen-sealed eco-friendly refill cans

NEW YORK, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A beloved brand of olive oil and a pantry staple, Grazaannounced today the launch of nitrogen-sealed “beer cans” on shelves nationwide, in select Whole Foods Market stores and online at Graza founders – Andrew Benin and Allen Dushi – knew that large bulk containers were not ideal for maintaining the quality of olive oil as it promoted rapid oxidation, but a high-quality refill option was necessary. Together they set out to create a refillable option that would maintain maximum EVOO integrity and be perfectly portioned for Graza’s first-to-market squeeze bottles. This is where the idea of ​​refilling the “beer can” was born.

“Since our launch in January 2022, we have dreamed of our second innovation in the olive oil category,” said Graza CEO and co-founder, Andrew Benin. “Having the support of a world-class retailer at Whole Foods Market is a superpower. We are excited to bring our perfectly portioned beer can liners to Whole Foods Market shelves, allowing customers to purchase Graza EVOO nitrogen-sealed for maximum freshness in a lightweight can that is fully recyclable.”

With the addition of Graza Sizzle “Refill” Cooking EVOO and Drizzle “Refill” Finishing EVOO products, existing Graza customers can refill their Graza Squeeze bottles, and customers with their own olive oil carafes can purchase 100% recyclable Graza refills for use in home.

“We have been champions of the Graza brand since it launched two years ago, so when Andrew and Allen told us they wanted to create an EVOO supplement solution, we immediately signed on,” said Brooke Gil, general merchandiser of the olive oil category at Whole Foods Market. “Beer cans are an incredibly creative way to make something that almost every kitchen has, and as a leading retailer, we’re excited to bring this innovation to our customers.”

You may be wondering: why can beer format? In addition to being made of 100% recyclable aluminum, the beer can is a culturally iconic and familiar vessel that provides Americans with happy beverages, from seltzer, soda and beer to soft drinks. “The emotional resonance is high,” Benin explained. “In addition, EVOO beer cans are lightweight, which ensures optimal transport conditions that allow our customers to keep costs as low as possible. Beer cans are also 100% opaque, which protects our oil from the oxidizing power of light.”

To learn more about Grazie, visit the website or follow their journey on Instagram @getgraza.

About Graz: Graza makes premium, super-fresh extra virgin olive oil more accessible, affordable and easy to use. Founded in 2021 by Andrew Benin and Allen Dushi, whose personal mission is to empower all home cooks to have fun in the kitchen using amazing olive oil for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Graza was born with Drizzle and Sizzle. EVOO launched in fun, first-to-market chef-inspired squeeze bottles. IN May 2024, Graza has launched its second innovation, Sizzle “Refill” Cooking EVOO and Drizzle “Refill” Finishing EVOO, available nationwide at select Whole Foods Market stores and online at Using Picual Olives with Spain, Graza is able to produce the freshest and most desirable olive oil in the world. To learn more about Graza, visit or follow on Instagram (@getgraza).

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