Matter 1.3 improves smart home functionality with energy reporting and support for new devices

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This update enriches the smart home ecosystem by enabling devices such as electric vehicle chargers and water management tools to seamlessly integrate with various platforms such as HomeKit.

Matter 1.3 expands its compatibility to include devices such as kitchen appliances, laundry systems and TVs, as well as the existing range of smart home devices. This specification specifically improves energy management by introducing energy reporting for smart plugs and similar devices. Users can now access historical and live energy consumption data, which includes detailed metrics such as power, voltage and current.

EV owners will benefit from enhanced charging features that enable manual control of charging activities, customizing charging rates and optimizing charging schedules. The specification also brings significant advances in water management, supporting leak and freeze detection devices, as well as rain sensors and actuated water valves.

In the field of kitchen technology, Matter 1.3 expands support for various devices, including microwaves, ovens, cooktops, hoods and dryers, improving user interaction and integration with other smart home systems. TV functionality has also been improved, with improved cast initiation, search operations and improved interaction with TV apps.

Another significant addition is “scene” support, which allows users to configure and activate settings on multiple devices with a single command, mirroring the functionality found in HomeKit scenes. This update also optimizes communication between devices, allowing controllers to send commands in batch for faster execution.

Matter 1.3 compatible devices are expected to hit the market later this year. Further details and specifications can be found on the CSA website.

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