Biden aims to tighten regulations on GMOs

Dependence on GMOs threatens clean water, public health and increased sector consolidation

Washington — On Wednesday, the EPA, FDA and USDA announced plans to update regulations on biotechnology, including genetically modified foods, also known as GMOs.

The Food & Water Watch study details the impact of GMOs on clean water, public health, farmers and consumers. The vast majority of U.S. corn and soy grown for ethanol and livestock feed are GMOs, the production of which is controlled by only a few corporations.

In answer, Food and Water Research Director Amanda Starbuck issued the following statement:

“While more stringent regulation of GMOs is urgently needed, President Biden could better protect public health and our environment by moving away from these dangerous tools of corporate greed. GMOs force farmers to use agrochemicals that threaten clean water and public health, while funneling profits to a handful of powerful corporations. We call on President Biden to crack down on GMOs and the food monopolies that control them.”