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The new iPad Air M2 and iPad Pro M4 were announced earlier this week. If you’re hesitating between the iPad Air M2 and the iPad Pro M4? You are not alone. Many tech enthusiasts weigh the features, specifications, and prices of these two devices to determine which iPad best suits their needs. Let’s look at the details to help you make an informed decision.

Key features of iPad Air M2

  • Inexpensive yet powerful: iPad Air M2 is an attractive choice for those who want advanced features without a high price. Prices start at $600 for the 11-inch model and $800 for the 13-inch model, and prices remain the same as the previous generation. It’s worth noting that it now offers a starting storage capacity of 128GB, which is an improvement over the previous 64GB.
  • Consistent quality through improvements: While retaining the famous camera and display technology, the new landscape camera setup introduced on iPad Air M2 improves the quality of video calls.
  • Hardware capabilities: Powered by the M2 chip, this model delivers the performance previously seen in older iPad Pros, although it lacks Face ID and ProMotion support.

Key features of the iPad M4 Pro

  • Ultra thin design: iPad M4 Pro has an exceptionally slim profile, measuring just 5.3 mm for the 11-inch model and 5.1 mm for the 13-inch model. These dimensions make it one of the thinnest devices in Apple’s offer.
  • Innovative display and aesthetics: This model has a space black finish and pairs perfectly with the redesigned Magic Keyboard. The OLED display enhances the visual experience with up to 1,000 nits of brightness and 1,600 nits peak for HDR content, supported by a 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate.
  • Increase efficiency: The M4 chip at the heart of iPad Pro delivers superior performance and thermal management with a new design and additional high-performance cores, increasing overall performance.

Comparison and recommendations

If you’re wondering which one to choose between these two models, consider your specific needs and budget. The iPad Air M2 offers significant value, especially for those who require the basic features found in the Pro models, but at a more affordable price. It’s perfect for everyday use, from browsing the internet to watching videos and performing simple productivity tasks.

On the other hand, the iPad M4 is aimed at those who need the highest performance and best display technology for professional work such as video editing, graphic design or other resource-intensive applications. Advanced features and compatibility with newer accessories make it a worthwhile investment for advanced users.

While the iPad Pro M4 is technologically superior, the iPad Air M2 remains an attractive option for users with more modest needs or budget constraints. Depending on how you use it, each device can be the perfect addition to your digital toolkit.

You’ll be happy to know that both models continue Apple’s commitment to efficient, elegant design and user-focused innovation. Whether you choose the performance and value of iPad Air M2 or the advanced capabilities of iPad M4 Pro, each offers a unique set of features to enhance your tech experience.

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