On May 23, Aethir will launch Qualcomm-based edge devices

Aethir, a decentralized graphics processing unit (GPU) infrastructure company, announced on May 23 the retail launch of Aethir Edge, an edge computing device powered by Qualcomm.

Aethir Edge is integrated with Aethir’s distributed cloud infrastructure, which offers GPUs as a service to customers needing AI computing.

With Aethir Edge, users around the world can earn rewards while saving bandwidth, IP addresses and processing power. By connecting localized resources, Aethir Edge makes elite computing power available to everyone, while enabling deployments across industries such as gaming, AI, VR/AR and real-time streaming.

The launch of the first 11,000 Aethir Edge devices will be exclusive to the Aethir community and anyone can sign up to the waitlist to gain access to future releases here. This initiative is a gateway to actively participate in the Aethir network and earn rewards in the native Aethir $ATH token – 23% of the total ATH token supply is reserved exclusively for Aethir Edge users.

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“Aethir Edge is the only authorized mining device available integrated with distributed cloud infrastructure,” Sanjay Saini, head of partnerships at Aethir Edge, said in a statement. “This is key to our decentralized cloud ecosystem that will enable transformative products and experiences powered by edge computing.”

In the second half of 2023, Cisco ThousandEyes saw increasing data-driven and compute-intensive workloads, putting servers under peak load. Combined with the increasing number of data center failures that impact cloud services and the applications that use these servers, the need for a more resilient architecture has never been more critical.

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, Aethir Edge provides ample resources for seamless parallel processing and guarantees reliability and uptime by connecting high-performance AI edge devices into a distributed cloud network. In this way, Aethir ensures that computing power will no longer be limited to selected locations or entities.

“Aethir Edge opens up new possibilities that were previously limited by centralized infrastructure,” Saini said. “Together with our operating system, we can bring high gaming performance, artificial intelligence and graphics rendering to every smartphone user, while moving them away from centralized data monopolies towards a more equitable user-owned and managed edge computing landscape.”

The public sale event for this version is scheduled for May 23, 2024 and will be organized in several rounds to give priority to purchasing these devices to active community members. Early registrants will also benefit from a special price of $999 compared to the standard price of $1,099. There will also be a range of prizes available; with 100,000 registrations, ten winners will share the $1,000 prize pool. Increase registrations to 300,000 and 20 winners will share $2,000, with the winner receiving one additional device. After reaching 500,000 registrations, 30 winners will share the $3,000 prize, and two devices will go to two additional winners.

The waitlist campaign is now live – sign up here and follow Aethir Edge on Twitter to unlock exclusive access.