Matter 1.3 could bring support for more devices under Samsung’s SmartThings

The latest version of Matter has been released (v1.3). It supports more types and routines of smart home devices, and this support may come to SmartThings in the future.

Matter is a smart home device standard co-developed by Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and other consumer electronics brands.

Matter 1.3 brings support for ten new device types, power management, and scenes

Case 1.3 Edition

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) today published the Matter 1.3 standard. It now supports several smart kitchen appliances, chargers, electric vehicle (EV) sensors and valves. All newly supported smart devices are listed below.

  • Kitchen hobs
  • Dryers
  • Electric vehicle chargers
  • Exhaust hoods
  • Freeze detectors
  • Microwave
  • Ovens
  • Leak detectors
  • Rain sensors
  • Water valves

With these additions, Matter now supports almost all types of common smart home devices. Please note that in December 2023, Matter 1.2 added support for many types of devices, including air purifiers, air quality sensors, dishwashers, fans, refrigerators, robotic vacuum cleaners, room air conditioners, and smoke detectors.

In addition to supporting new device types, Matter 1.3 also supports energy and scene tracking. Energy tracking allows users to track their device’s energy consumption throughout the day. Scenes allow users to combine several actions into one whole. For example, you can create a scene in which the air conditioning turns on when the room temperature reaches a certain level.

Improved material cast

Matter Casting Amazon Prime Video Fire TV CES 2024

What’s more, Matter-enabled TVs can now display notifications for other Matter devices. For example, your smart TV can display information when your washing machine has finished loading laundry. Matter 1.3 now supports the improved Matter Cast protocol, similar to AirPlay and Google Cast, allowing you to cast audio, images and videos to a compatible smart display or TV. It now allows multiple clients to be connected, and the experience can be different for each user, depending on the use case.

This makes Matter Cast a great, open alternative to AirPlay and Google Cast. However, Amazon is the only one adding support for Matter Cast. Fire TV and Echo Show 15 devices now receive support for Matter Cast. The Prime Video app for smartphones and tablets will also receive Matter Cast support. No other brand currently supports Matter Cast and it would be great if Samsung added support for this new casting protocol to all of its laptops, phones, tablets and TVs.

The only disappointment is that Matter still doesn’t support security cameras and video doorbells. In the next version, Matter will support heat pumps, water heaters and solar panels. Another disappointment is that neither brand has added support for Matter 1.2, let alone Matter 1.3, even six months after its release.

Samsung may add Matter 1.3 support to SmartThings

Samsung Bixby SmartThings CES 2024 AI integration

Samsung is a major contributor to Matter, and its SmartThings platform supports Matter. However, it still doesn’t support Matter 1.2, and the company may need months more to add the new version of Matter to its smart home device platform. However, Samsung’s smart home devices do not support Matter, which is concerning.

Home Assistant and SmartThings are two platforms that are ahead of others (Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home) in terms of Matter support, but Samsung itself is not adding Matter support to its own home devices. If Matter is to succeed, all of its major promoters must ensure that all their new devices support Matter.

Below you can watch our hands-on video introducing Samsung’s new Smart TVs. These TVs act as a SmartThings Hub (and Matter Hub) and can control compatible smart home devices.

Matter can be extremely helpful for Samsung. For example, Samsung TVs do not currently support Google Cast, so streaming audio and video to TVs from non-Samsung Android devices is unreliable. If Samsung adds Matter Cast support to all of its audio and video products, it could help improve sales of its devices.

We hope that Samsung will add Matter 1.3 support to SmartThings in the coming months. This could potentially prompt other brands to improve their Matter experience, which in turn will expand Matter’s reach and help consumers around the world.