Trump told oil executives to raise $1 billion and then he would repeal the regulations

According to a recent report, while hosting top oil executives at his Mar-a-Lago estate last month, former President Donald Trump proposed a deal that included $1 billion for his campaign and a reversal of environmental regulations.

The Washington Post report cited people with knowledge of the meeting and talks.

Trump reportedly offered that if oil executives raised $1 billion for his campaign, he would consider reversing numerous environmental rules and policies put in place by President Joe Biden.

The report found that at least one executive complained about the regulations, prompting Trump to make the proposal.

The report said Trump reportedly told executives that donating $1 billion to his re-election efforts would be a “deal” for them because of the regulations and taxes they would avoid on his behalf.

Not surprisingly, Trump tried to appeal to automakers and the oil industry throughout his campaign.

Despite not having the support of the president of the United Auto Workers union, Trump criticized Biden over electric vehicle regulations in an attempt to show he is a pro-domestic automaker.

“There will be no auto industry left in the Great State of Michigan if Crooked Joe Biden’s crazy ‘all electric cars’ idea becomes law,” Trump wrote last September in a Truth Social post. “China will take everything 100%. United Auto Workers, VOTE FOR Trump. LET YOUR LEADERS SUPPORT ME, I WILL KEEP ALL THESE GREAT JOBS AND BRING MUCH MORE. CHOICE IN SCHOOLS AND CHOICE IN CARS!!!”

The report also comes as Biden continues new actions to combat climate change, including ordering the Interior Department to block future oil drilling in 13 million acres of Arctic Alaska, the Associated Press reports.

But even though ExxonMobil and Chevron, the nation’s largest energy companies, posted higher annual profits than they had for at least a decade last year, Trump reportedly said he would see even bigger profits if he won a second term.