Stifel raises target on Tecnoglass shares, citing strong commercial sectors According to

On Friday, Stifel revised its outlook on Tecnoglass (NASDAQ:NYSE:) stock, raising its price target to $50.00 from the previous $45.00, while maintaining a Hold rating on the stock.

The adjustment comes after the company saw revenues that exceeded expectations, although adjusted EBITDA was lower. Tecnoglass’s results were supported by better-than-expected results in the multifamily and commercial sectors, which helped offset the slower single-family market segment.

Tecnoglass indicated that its Q2 2024 revenue is expected to be between $210 million and $225 million. This forecast is below the consensus estimate of $229 million, which is attributed to continued weakness in the single-family home market. However, since March, the company has seen significant improvement in orders.

Despite this positive development, Tecnoglass revised its full-year revenue guidance and adjusted EBITDA downwards, adopting a new base case scenario of mid-single-digit percentage year-over-year sales growth compared to an expected increase of approximately 10%. before.

The company expects improved results in the second half of 2024, driven by the launch of its new vinyl window product, which is valued at $20 million. Tecnoglass also counts on an increase in sales of traditional single-family aluminum products, which depends on the expectation of multiple rate reductions.

Analysts noted optimism about the company’s growth beyond February and expect currency comparisons to become more favorable as the year moves into the second half.

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As Tecnoglass (NASDAQ:TGLS) navigates the challenges and opportunities of the current market, real-time data provided by InvestingPro allows for a deeper understanding of its financial health and stock performance. With a market capitalization of $2.43 billion and a strong gross profit margin of 46.92% over the trailing twelve months starting from Q1 2023, Tecnoglass demonstrates a solid ability to generate profits relative to its revenues. This impressive gross profit margin aligns with the company’s positive performance in the multifamily and retail sectors highlighted in the article.

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