Will we really let the mob determine American public policy?

by Thomas Patterson

Mass protests have become popular among the radical left because they work. They can achieve results that cannot be achieved through the political process or the courts, creating chaos and intimidating the cowardly leaders of our universities and government.

When anti-Semitic and pro-Islamist demonstrations broke out on many college campuses this spring, most Americans assumed it was just naive, poorly educated kids doing their thing. Why not? Protesting is bullshit. You are inundated with attention. You might even see yourself on the evening news. A gold star means you will be arrested and thrown in jail, from where you will certainly be released the next morning.

The modern political protest movement began in 1968 with the rise of draft fighters who successfully opposed the Vietnam War. Another mob victory was the attack on the World Trade Organization conference in Seattle in 1999. This riot is credited with creating an international anti-globalization movement and influencing the Clinton administration to issue an executive order requiring environmental reviews of trade agreements.

In 2011, movements like Occupy on Wall Street focused on income inequality. Once again, victory was achieved when cowed Democrats then supported higher taxes and larger government handouts.

The George Floyd riots of 2020 were arguably the most successful of all. A single incident of police misconduct by a rogue officer sparked riots in many American cities and even around the world. “Mostly peaceful protests” have included vandalism, theft and destruction of property lasting up to 100 days in cities such as Portland, Oregon.

The consequences were light and the rewards were plentiful. Kamala Harris supported a bail fund for criminal protesters, few of whom faced jail time anyway. The 2020 Democratic Convention Does Not Condemn the Riots.

Meanwhile, Democratic cities across the country have cut police funding, eliminated cash bail and stopped arrests in response to rioters’ demands. The predictable result has been a skyrocketing urban crime that continues to run rampant, displacing businesses and further decimating once-proud cities.

The image of well-meaning but unaware students going on pranks was partially true. Many of the rioters were in fact useful dupes, interestingly uninformed about the activities of Hamas and other Islamist groups. They seemed unaware that their chant “from the river to the sea” was a call to exterminate the Jews. The orderly rows of similar tents also suggested that the protests were not entirely “organic.”

The Wall Street Journal uncovered this mystery by uncovering an influential activist website that runs the cause of anarchists like Antifa and other career radicals. Their mission is to cause chaos and ultimately overthrow the social order.

Therefore, “organizers should not concern themselves with de-escalation or maintaining calm,” they advise. “For the crisis to continue to unfold, student professions should relocate buildings where possible” to achieve the goal of “increasing the cost” of administrations rejecting their demands. Pitching tents is strongly encouraged as it is against school policy and will cause a backlash, which is the purpose of this exercise.

This is a crisis with enormous consequences. President Biden fears losing leftist political support. Despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans do not support Hamas or the campus protesters, he swallowed the powder again, condemning the campus protesters but also “those who do not understand what is happening to the Palestinians.”

Colombia’s unwitting president did exactly the wrong thing by agreeing to negotiate with campus terrorists regarding their demands. Despite the outpouring of hate and anti-Semitism on her campus, she praised them for fighting for “Palestinian rights” and against the “humanitarian tragedy in Gaza.”

The protesters’ demands are ambitious. These include divestment of funds to Israel, which would financially ostracize Israelis, and a ceasefire in the Gaza war, which would give Hamas a critical victory and condemn Israel to future Islamist attacks.

Psychologists and common sense tell us that behavior that is rewarded repeats itself. America’s enemies are winning again.

We are a constitutional republic with a structure ingeniously designed to set policy and resolve disputes based on majority rule while respecting minority rights. Giving an Islamist-inspired mob the right to determine American public policy is a grave mistake.

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