‘We missed the mark,’ says Apple as iPhone maker apologizes for ‘inhumane and tone-deaf’ new ad

APPLE has apologized for its new iPad ad, which viewers called “inhumane and tone deaf.”

The much-criticized ad featuring Apple’s new iPad Pro offers beautiful examples of art and human ingenuity packed into one tablet.

However, Apple says it intended to “honor” human expression, not destroy it, in the new adSource: Apple

It was designed to highlight the ultra-slim OLED screen of the new iPad Pro – the thinnest product ever produced.

Many TV models still do not come with OLED displays.

But actor Hugh Grant it was called “destruction of the human experience” on X (formerly Twitter) and millions of others on social media agreed.

“I immediately ordered the new iPad Pro… but damn, what an ad,” one Apple fan wrote on Twitter.

“Watching beloved tools of creativity destroyed by a giant industrial press!?!

“It is completely inhumane and tone deaf in our digital age.”

Another added: “This iPad ad is just insanely narcissistic and tone deaf. We celebrate creativity by literally destroying every symbolic creative tool.

“You won’t need them anymore, you only need me.

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“It seems like a good metaphor for the current state of the tech industry.”

The ad was quite universally hated around the world.

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However, Apple claims that it intended to “honor” human expression, not destroy it, in the new ad.

Tor Myhren, Apple’s vice president of marketing, said the company “missed the mark.”

We missed the point in this video, and we apologize for that

Myhren’s TorVice President of Marketing

“Creativity is in our DNA at Apple, and it’s incredibly important to us that we design products that support creators everywhere,” Myhren told Ad Age.

“Our goal is always to celebrate the countless ways users express themselves and bring their ideas to life using iPad.

“We missed the mark on this video and we are sorry.”

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