Pressed Juicery unifies channels with the Cloud POS platform

Pressed juice (Photo: Pressed juice)

Pressed Juicery improves customer service across multiple channels (Photo: Pressed Juicery).

Pressed Juicery integrates contact with stationary and online customers at the point of sale.

The cold-pressed juice and wellness retailer is implementing NCR’s Aloha Cloud Voyix POS platform to unify its brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce channels.

By adopting this integrated approach, Pressed Juicery hopes to gain comprehensive visibility across the enterprise, increasing decision-making capabilities and minimizing disparities in loyalty engagement, consumer interactions and inventory management.

NCR Voyix’s Aloha Cloud integrates consumer loyalty and marketing tools, comprehensive reporting and next-day payment processing into a single user interface. Pressed Juicery can now centralize data to provide a panoramic view of sales, guest preferences and operational metrics. Through this consolidation, the retailer intends to provide customers with a tailored experience that offers uniquely personalized benefits.

The retailer consolidates omnichannel operations and customer engagement as: recent research from ShipStation and Retail Economics indicate that 73% of consumers combine online research, visits to physical stores and options such as buy online, pick up in store or return in store before making a purchase decision.

“NCR Voyix’s suite of cloud solutions is a game-changer for us, seamlessly combining physical and digital interactions,” said Janet Puliafico, senior director of retail operations at Pressed Juicery. “This move not only modernizes our technology infrastructure, but also allows us to meet the evolving needs of our customers efficiently and easily.

“Our core is our loyal and VIP customers,” Puliafico said. “Improving their experience and ensuring consistent, error-free interactions across all channels is not just a goal – it is our promise.”

“As Pressed Juicery grows, it is critical to have a technology partner that grows with it,” said Benny Tadele, executive vice president and president of restaurants at NCR Voyix. “Our unified commerce platform ensures Pressed Juicery stays ahead of market trends by offering the smart technology and operational efficiencies needed to adapt to the rapidly changing foodservice landscape.”

Pressed operates more than 110 Pressed Juicery retail stores in nine states and is available in nearly 4,000 locations through its wholesale partners and can be purchased directly from the website anywhere in the U.S.