8 Alternative iPhone Keyboards You Should Try (Video)

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If you’re tired of the default iOS keyboard and are looking for something more tailored to your unique typing needs, you’re in luck. A recent video from iReviews highlights some innovative iPhone keyboard apps that might just up your texting game. Here’s a look at these alternatives that promise more than just writing.

1. Word light keyboard – Perfect for those who juggle emails and messages on their iPhone throughout the day, this keyboard includes artificial intelligence to improve communication. Imagine quick access to popular phrases and the ability to search across multiple platforms without leaving your keyboard. This feature not only saves you time, but also increases your typing efficiency.

2. Calcu Keyboard – Why switch between applications to perform calculations when you can do it directly from the keyboard? Calcu Keyboard integrates your calculator directly into your texting environment. It’s perfect for quick math calculations while chatting or writing emails, so multitasking doesn’t slow you down.

3. Til keyboard – Ready for the iPhone typing challenge? The Til Type keyboard introduces a unique method with two circular controls. It may take some getting used to, but if you’re looking for a fun and fresh way to write, this may be your choice.

4. Secret Keyboard – For those who prioritize privacy, Secret Keyboard lets you send messages that appear as random symbols to anyone who doesn’t have the app. Confidential conversations have become a lot more secretive, but remember that both the sender and the recipient need the app for the magic to work.

5.SnipKey – Increase your productivity with SnipKey, a keyboard that offers shortcuts to your most frequently used images, links and text. This tool is a boon for those who share the same content repeatedly, saving time and clicks.

6. RGB keyboard – Add a splash of color to your typing experience with the RGB keyboard. Customize it with dynamic colors, sounds and touch responses, making typing in dark mode not only easier, but also much more enjoyable.

7. Unique character keyboard – Have you ever searched for a special character that wasn’t easily available on a standard keyboard? A unique character keyboard provides a wide selection of symbols, making it a must-have for anyone who often needs more than just letters and numbers.

8. Keys of Vision – If aesthetics are as important to you as functionality, the Vision Keys keyboard will attract your attention. With a clean and modern look, it shows what future iOS updates might look like, combining beauty with usability.

Most of these keyboards are available for free on your iPhone, although some features may require in-app purchases or subscriptions to unlock full functionality. The video ends by encouraging viewers to experiment with these keyboards and providing download links for easy access.

Remember that switching keyboards can be like learning to play a new instrument, but the efficiency and fun that these customized options provide are well worth the effort. Whether it’s to increase productivity, secure messages, or simply make typing easier, these keyboards offer something for everyone. Try them out and find out which one best suits your writing style!

Source and image source: iReviews

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