Foxx Report: Less Regulation Now

From Congresswoman Virginia Foxx’s office

We are all extremely fortunate that freedom has always been and always will be the founding principle of our nation. Consumer choice is a perfect example of putting freedom into practice. We decide what goods we want to buy and when we want to buy them. It is a simple freedom that we all know well and that should never be taken for granted.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration’s no-contact policy agenda does not take consumer choice into account, especially when it comes to purchasing home appliances that Americans use every day.

This week, House Republicans stood up for consumer choice by passing H.R. 6192, the “Hands Off Our Home Appliances” Act. This legislation reforms the Department of Energy’s procedures for issuing energy efficiency standards by prohibiting the Secretary of Energy from prescribing any new or revised energy conservation standards for a product that is not technologically feasible and economically reasonable. Moreover, under this legislation, the Secretary of Energy would not be allowed to ban products based on the type of fuel the product uses. Additionally, authorizes the Secretary of Energy to amend or rescind a standard if it increases costs for consumers, does not result in significant energy or water savings, or makes products unavailable.

As we well know, the Biden administration’s anti-energy and anti-freedom policies are nothing new – they were initiated the moment President Biden first set foot in the Oval Office. In previous newsletters, I have described many of the actions this administration has taken that have burdened American families with skyrocketing energy prices, taken away consumer choice, and stunted economic growth. I’m sure you remember the proposed ban on gas stoves, the suspension of liquefied natural gas (LNG) permit applications for export projects, the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, and the more than 200 actions taken by President Biden and Washington Democrats to undercut American energy here, at home. You can rest assured that I will continue to advocate for consumer choice and oppose the anti-energy policies this administration continues to promote.

My latest interview

I recently joined Neil Cavuto on Fox Business to discuss the Education Committee’s actions and staff’s ongoing efforts to investigate the anti-Semitism that has gripped college campuses across the country. Our goal from day one of our investigation was to ensure the safety of Jewish students on campus. Congress will not tolerate spineless college leaders who refuse to protect Jewish students. No stone is left unturned when students are threatened, buildings are destroyed, campus green spaces are occupied, or diplomas are destroyed.

New call

On Tuesday, I issued a subpoena to Department of Labor (DOL) Acting Secretary Julie Su for her failure to provide required materials to the Committee on Education and the Workforce related to the Department’s Return to Work Action Plan. Under Acting Secretary Su, the DOL has adopted an attitude of gross negligence in complying with the Commission’s oversight requests – unclear responses and routine failures to provide requested materials have become the norm. Without the required information, the Commission is not satisfied that the DOL is serious about transitioning back to in-person work. As a result, the Committee is currently seeking documents related to the DOL’s Back to Work Action Plan to ensure accountability for taxpayers paying for an absentee federal government that ceased regular operations almost four years ago.

Quote of the week

“Our belief in freedom is not based on predictable outcomes in specific circumstances, but on the belief that, on balance, it will unleash more good forces than evil.”

-Friedrich Hayek

Have a blessed weekend,
Virginia Foxx