The planned merger of two Welsh housing associations is moving forward with the appointments of key officials

Following the announcement by the two housing associations in November 2023, Coastal and RHA say that work on merging the organizations is well advanced

A Coastal Housing spokesman said: “We have now reached a significant milestone, with the first appointments to executive and non-executive positions following a thorough assessment process.”

“Peter Hughes has been appointed chairman-designate and Patrick Hoare vice-chairman-designate of the new organisation. They are currently chairs of RHA and Coastal respectively, so will bring a lot of relevant experience.

“Coastal’s current CEO, Debbie Green, has been appointed Group CEO-designate of the new organization, and RHA’s current CEO, Luke Takeuchi, has been appointed deputy CEO-designate. This means that Debbie will lead the new merger organization as Chief Executive Officer from day one, working closely with Luke as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Debbie and Luke will also become board members of the new organization.

“Having these key leadership roles will ensure both a smooth transition at the time of merger and solid succession planning.”

(Main photo: coastal houses)