Public Outcry in Iran as Government Increases Internet Disruption

Tightening internet restrictions in Iran have caused widespread disruptions and slowed internet speeds, affecting various regions across the country.

In voicemails shared with Iran International, Iranian citizens express their frustration and highlight the impact of the disruption, emphasizing that the government is using internet control as a means of suppression.

Report from Filteran organization monitoring internet access in Iran noted that there have been significant disruptions in access to various data centers across the country since Sunday.

Human rights organizations incl Amnesty Internationalthey said the disruptions were a way for the Islamic Republic to suppress dissent and cover up human rights abuses.

Among reports that it plays a key role in Internet censorship, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi spoke at the inauguration of a fiber optic project in the city of Qom.

Despite these reports, Raisi directed the Minister of Communications to ensure continuous improvement in internet speeds.

“No one, not even those in the gaming industry, should be nervous about the Internet. These annoyances are not good,” Raisi said.

Filterbaan’s ratings suggest that constant disruptions they result from government policy to deliberately not expand external bandwidth in proportion to the increase in the number of users, along with repeated increases in Internet prices.

These measures are part a broader strategysays Filterbaan, with the aim of creating an end-to-end national information network that forces users to rely on national platforms while limiting access to VPNs.

Due to government filtering policies, platforms such as Instagram, X, Facebook and Telegram have long been unavailable in Iran, affecting millions of people who cannot work and many small businesses that use social networks.