Medical device company wins $100,000 business competition | Business news

A Metairie-based company that makes single-use devices that regulate drug flow won the Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week business competition Thursday night.

SafePush took home the $100,000 investment prize and secured a spot in October’s Startup World Cup grand finale in California, where it will compete for $1 million.

SafePush is a single-use mechanical device that screws into the tip of a syringe and controls the rate at which medication is injected into the patient.

Tonia Aiken – a nurse, lawyer and co-CEO of SafePush – said she came up with the idea for the company after a client lost the use of his hand and arm after pressing the shot too quickly. Aiken co-founded the company with Kevin Edwards, who is also co-CEO.

Nurses must carefully administer more and more medications, she added. At the same time, however, the severe shortage of nurses increases stress levels, workload and the risk of errors.

“It gives nurses peace of mind and a sense of security,” Aiken said.

This is the second time SafePush has won the business competition sponsored by Nexus Louisiana. In 2021, the company won $1,000 in the PitchBR competition.

The other two BREW finalists are Falaya, a Baton Rouge company that offers a user-friendly platform that makes buying or selling a home easier and cheaper, and Leroy’s LipSmack’n Lemonade, a Baton Rouge company that sells all-natural water-based beverages , sugar and freshly squeezed lemons.