Netclan Explorer hyperlocal network application expands to 300+ Indian cities, 4 countries

New Delhi (India), May 10: Netclan Explorer, a new-age social media platform for hyperlocal networking, announced that it has organically expanded to over 300 cities in India and 4 other countries. The platform connects individuals, professionals and sellers around the world, driving community engagement based on shared interests, geographic proximity and individual needs.

The Netclan app helps people instantly connect with individuals or groups, make audio or video calls, chat, and share location, media, etc. The app also provides a range of services including dating, marriage, buy-sell-rent, work, business card exchange and own notes.

According to the company, in India alone, students from over 1,000 colleges and universities connect online using the Netclan Explorer app and also participate in online events such as quizzes etc. Nearly 200,000 companies across major cities of India, Thailand, Dubai, Philippines and Canada use this platform to reach local customers and promote their creative loyalty and promotional programs.

The platform has adopted an innovative hyperlocal approach where users can limit profile sharing to appropriate distances within the app, enabling interactions at a local level rather than with people miles away.

Brijesh Awasthi, founder and CEO of Netclan Explorer, says, “True connection is not measured by LinkedIn connections or Twitter followers, but by the depth of the relationship. It’s about giving, receiving and building trust. Authenticity is the basis of relationships both online and offline. Genuine interest shines through, and meaningful, mutually beneficial interactions trump mere connection. With Netclan Explorer we aim to bridge the gap between screens and souls, supporting real connections over short distances. Our innovative global-hyperlocal networking platform prioritizes authentic interactions, emphasizing quality over quantity.

Netclan Explorer makes it easier to establish contacts during various events, exhibitions and fairs thanks to unique functions of broadcasting and exchanging business cards. Moreover, its role as an all-in-one communications platform for instant messaging, calling, media sharing and group interactions is driving continuous growth in user engagement. The Jobs in the app service is very popular, especially for internships and local positions.

Netclan aims to support a global network of trusted members with a mission to reach over one billion people around the world. By imagining connectivity, Netclan facilitates interactions between millions in hyperlocal communities, meeting social, professional and commercial needs. Netclan recognizes the potential of community members to help vulnerable people around them. Through the app, willing members can connect with those in need, promoting a culture of support and sharing resources for the betterment of society. The Netclan app can be downloaded in the Android and iOS app stores.

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