Farmers protest against the EU’s climate policy – DW – 05/10/2024

Several thousand farmers, many wearing yellow vests, and other protesters marched through the Polish capital, Warsaw, on Friday to protest against EU climate rules that they say threaten their livelihoods.

The march, whose slogan was “Down with the Green Deal”, was called by Solidarity, a farmers’ union that strongly opposes the EU’s climate-related agricultural policy.

What are the protesters against?

Solidarity argues that the EU’s European Green Deal imposes restrictions that disrupt their work and result in higher costs.

One banner read: “Let Brussels eat worms, we prefer pork chops and potatoes”, a reference to the widespread belief that the EU would advocate eating insects and worms instead of meat from farm animals, which result in large emissions. amounts of greenhouse gases.

The organizer of the protest was the farmers’ union “Solidarity”.Photo: Czarek SokoĊ‚owski/AP/dpa/picture Alliance

Some protesters also sharply criticized the import of Ukrainian agricultural products, which they believe reduces their income, while others, more generally, condemned the policies of the current pro-EU coalition government led by Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Farmer protests across the bloc have already caused the EU to withdraw or delay a number of planned environmental protection measures, including a plan to cut pesticide use by half and require farmers to devote more land to nature.

Agriculture is a major emitter of greenhouse gases causing dangerous global warming, as well as a destroyer of biodiversity.

Political participation

Some MPs from the former nationalist PiS government also took part in the demonstration, accusing the current administration of bowing to the EU and ignoring the needs of ordinary Poles.

Tusk has pledged to reverse many PiS policies that put Poland at odds with the EU over issues such as the rule of law and press freedom.

He and his team take actions, among other things, to free the justice system and state media from excessive government influence.

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