Apple AirTags are now 20% off on Amazon

If you’re an avid traveler or someone who often loses essentials like your wallet or keys, in my experience the Apple AirTag is probably one of the best purchases you can make. Although I’m not usually a forgetful person, I do lose things around the house from time to time. Apple is currently discounting 4-packs of its quarter-size AirTag trackers on Amazon. Below, I describe more about the sale and what you need to know about Apple AirTags.

Apple AirTag (4 pcs)

Apple AirTag is a small, discreet tracking device that lets you monitor the location of personal items like keys, purses, backpacks, wallets, and more via the Find My app. With this kit, you’ll get four lightweight AirTags – each tile weighs just 0.39 ounces – that you can ping using the app when you lose an item connected to one of the tiles. This makes it easier to find, for example, a set of keys hidden under the bed.

When you open the app, you’ll see a map of your location showing where the AirTag is, so if I can’t find something, I get a general idea of ​​where it is based on the map. I’ve had the AirTag for a few months and love using it when traveling. I first put it in my wallet when I went on holiday abroad, but I’ve carried it there ever since, so I never worry about losing my ID or money.

If you don’t want a four-pack, you can also purchase a single AirTag, which is currently 14% off on Amazon.

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