News Flash • Bucks, Neighbors Choose WGL Energy for Electricity

NORRISTOWN, Pa. – The Sustainable Energy Partnership of Southeast Pennsylvania (SEPSPA) – a group made up of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties – announced that it is awarding WGL Energy a five-year contract to coordinate retail electricity purchases that will power four-county operations.

SEPSPA was created in 2020 to explore renewable energy purchasing options for four member counties. Through this partnership, counties work with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) to develop renewable energy strategies, gain access to low and stable energy prices, and use resources more efficiently. SEPSPA has committed to a competitive approach to purchasing retail electricity for its districts.

WGL Energy, a licensed retail and energy risk management provider with a long history of serving Pennsylvania, won the contract that provides SEPSPA with the option to renew the contract after the first five years.

“SEPSPA decided to explore options to power county operations that would reflect our shared passion for supporting the environment and lowering electricity costs,” said Jamila Winder, chairwoman of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. “WGL Energy’s proposal to manage our portfolio is consistent with our interest in increasing access to low and stable energy prices, future renewable energy sources and efficient use of resources.”

During the bidding process, Enel renewable energy.

“WGL Energy is honored to have been selected by SEPSPA and we look forward to supporting the group’s energy goals,” said Mike McGinn, vice president of sales at WGL Energy. “We applaud SEPSPA for empowering counties to make cost-effective and sustainable energy purchasing choices through their commitment and leadership.”

Working with WGL Energy, SEPSPA implemented a contract structure that allows for the wholesale purchase of competitive fixed-rate power block offers in the generation supply market, supplemented with energy sourced from hourly markets. This approach ensures flexibility and cost efficiency, enabling access to low, transparent and stable electricity prices.

“This partnership is the result of many years of collaboration among collar counties in southeastern Pennsylvania to find a smart way to be responsible stewards of the environment while lowering energy costs for ratepayers,” said Bob Harvie, vice chairman of Bucks County Commissioners. “For Bucks County, this agreement reflects our administration’s commitment to long-term and ongoing sustainability efforts, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

Chester County Commissioners Chairman Josh Maxwell said, “Working with neighboring counties to create SEPSPA was an important first step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering electricity costs in our collective county efforts. This second step, awarding WGL Energy, moves us forward in purchasing flexible, cheaper and sustainable electricity. This is what it looks like to consciously develop renewable energy strategies that benefit the entire region.”

“We are excited to announce that we have selected an electricity purchasing provider,” said Elaine Paul Schaefer, a member of the Delaware County Council. “This will enable our counties to work together to create a more sustainable future for people across the region and future generations.”

“The Sustainable Energy Partnership has taken an important step towards achieving its mission; DVRPC applauds counties’ commitment to work to meet their renewable energy goals,” said DVRPC Executive Director Ariella Maron. “This program exemplifies the power of regional partnerships, proving that by working together we can address big challenges and reduce costs.”

About the Southeastern Pennsylvania Sustainable Energy Partnership (SEPSPA)

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Sustainable Energy Partnership has been working together since September 2020 to explore options for purchasing renewable energy to power facilities in Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties. In October 2023, the four counties adopted a memorandum of understanding to establish an Energy Board that will oversee the Partnership to achieve shared goals of achieving renewable energy goals, reducing energy costs and budget risks, increasing partnership membership, establishing framework for ongoing energy procurement and avoiding overutilization of county resources. SEPSPA is coordinated by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. Sustainable Energy Partnership | DVRPC

About WGL Energy

WGL Energy is a leader in competitive energy supply and environmentally friendly energy offerings to residential, government, commercial and industrial customers. For over 25 years, WGL Energy has been providing retail electricity and natural gas, as well as renewable energy and carbon offsetting to homeowners, small and large businesses. The company’s service areas include the Mid-Atlantic, which includes Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, Maryland and Delaware, and also serves Ohio. WGL Energy media inquiries can be emailed to (email protected).