WhatsApp is rolling out a controversial new design for iPhone and Android

WhatsApp’s new look is now available, with the Meta-owned social network describing it as “fresh, approachable and simple.” These are not words that attract every user. Here’s what just arrived.

The company says its design philosophy is tied to “product principles” that make WhatsApp simple, reliable and private. He says: “We filter them through the lens of design to build intuitive and transparent flows that work universally and help people connect while protecting their privacy. We pay close attention to how people use their devices and design our user interface to complement their existing experience, making WhatsApp feel familiar and easy to use.”

So what does this mean in practice?

WhatsApp says it has refreshed the app’s look, making it accessible, while being cautious about making changes that affect people’s “muscle memory.” That’s good, because there’s nothing more irritating than a redesign that completely throws you off balance while using an app or gadget.

WhatsApp says it has introduced a new consistent green palette across the app for a unified experience. “We considered over 35 different color options, ultimately settling on WhatsApp’s iconic green and selecting a palette that allows colors to blend harmoniously throughout the app. We have also increased our use of neutral colors, so we can be more selective about where and how we use greenery.”

It all sounds innocent enough, but when the new version appeared on some users’ phones, reactions were harsh, with some complaining that they didn’t like the new colors. Small changes in colors turned out to be surprisingly controversial for many.

The problem is that this is not an optional update: sooner or later all users will receive it and there is no option to opt out.

There are differences between the iPhone and Android versions of the app. For example, the Chats tab on iPhone is called Chats (well, that’s no surprise), but it’s marked with the WhatsApp logo on Android.

“We also heard that people wanted it darker dark mode– Meta said. “We focused on higher contrast and deeper tones to reduce eye strain in low-light conditions. We darken it by one tone to improve visual appeal and readability. How dark is one shade, you may be wondering?

The new design also introduces a new attachment layout that aims to make sending photos and videos easier on iOS, replacing the full-screen menu with a tray that can be expanded to access features.

There are many more details about WhatsApp’s appearance changes. For more information, please check the Meta details in the link above.