New Disney Plus Movies: Every New Movie to Watch (May 2024)

New Disney Plus Movies: May 10, 2024 Update

Tom Power, senior entertainment reporter

This week’s update sees Let it be, a remastered version of The Beatles’ 1970s documentary before the legendary band’s final (and famous) rooftop concert, added to this guide. We have also removed recent entries from March as they are no longer considered new.

Welcome to TechRadar’s new Disney Plus movie guide. Below, we’ve rounded up all the new movies that have joined the streaming titan’s movie catalog since the beginning of April. That covers it Let it bea remaster of the 1970s documentary about The Beatles’ final concert before their tear-inducing breakup, which arrived on Disney Plus on May 8.

Not a fan of the legendary Liverpool quartet? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other recommendations (good or not) in this article that are worth using. Our ultimate Disney Plus movie guide is also full of fantastic suggestions from our entertainment experts. In short: no one is going to want something to stream on one of the world’s best streaming services (Attention: US readers please note that some entries in this article are only available on Hulu in the US. For your convenience, we have marked where this occurs).

New Disney Plus Movies: May

Let it be