Atlanta Implements Clean Power Plan – Champion Newspaper | 404-373-7779

Atlanta city officials transferred $500,000 to the Community Energy Trust Fund from the city’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund on May 6 to launch a clean energy initiative.

Mayor Andre Dickens announced the donation as a “significant step” in advancing his Clean Power Plan program.

“The establishment of this fund comes at a critical time as our team focuses on clean energy projects that deliver multiple benefits.” said the director of sustainability Chandra Farley. “Through public health benefits, job creation, economic development and an equity lens, we will now have an additional mechanism to achieve Mayor Dickens’ clean energy goals.”

The councilors presented the possibility of funding Liliana Bakhtiari AND Alex Wanand adopted by the Atlanta City Council.

“This fund will support clean energy projects and strategies identified in the Clean Power Plan to reduce the energy burden on households in the City of Atlanta,” the press release reads.

The Atlanta City Council increased the original transfer amount from $300,000 to $500,000, “with a goal of achieving 100 (percent) clean energy by 2035,” which the press release stated is a goal of the mayor and council.

“In our city, almost 50,000 households are burdened by energy consumption and we are constantly looking for ways to help them.” Dickens said. “We are advancing a strategic action plan to reduce overall energy use and emissions in the city’s buildings, and the Atlanta Community Energy Trust will enable innovative solutions and faster action as we focus on energy efficiency solutions.”

The fund will be managed by the company Office of Sustainability and Resilience, which monitors and supports clean energy projects in the city. The press release said future funding would be added from a variety of sources, including city funds, revenue generated from the sale of renewable energy credits and federal funding opportunities.