Governor DeSantis signed education deregulation into law, a priority for Kathleen Passidomo

Governor Ron DeSantis signed a legislative package loosening regulations for public school districts in Florida.

Multiple bills (SB7002, SB7004) freeing the Florida school system from many requirements that did not affect private competitors.

The Learn Local Package was a highest priority this year for President of the Senate Kathleen Passidomowho presented the changes as an appropriate continuation of last year’s move by the state towards “universal school choice” The changes enter into force on July 1.

Changes include changes to teacher training requirements, management issues and student promotion requirements.

Passidomo thanked DeSantis and the House Speaker Paweł Renner for supporting changes to state law.

“I am extremely grateful to Governor DeSantis, Speaker Renner, and all members who worked on our Learn Local package,” Passidomo said.

“The result is a huge victory for Florida’s traditional public schools as Florida begins the process of reassessing what level of state oversight is necessary in a universal school choice environment. Our public schools deserve the opportunity to compete, just like other school choice options. My goal was to make significant progress this year and I couldn’t be happier with the end product. My vision for this critical initiative is a multi-year effort. Every year more and more regulations are imposed on our school districts, and every year we have to look for regulations that we can remove.”

It’s worth noting that the bill ultimately passed by the Legislature did not cover everything that Passidomo and other lawmakers disclosed ahead of the legislative session.

Originally, the regulations controversially included eliminating the required 20-minute free play period and English assessment in 10th grade. However, none of these changes were implemented after the rejection of the opinion. Among them was a former governor. Fuck Bush publicly opposing to scrap 10th-grade grading, a key part of the A-Plus education plan implemented during the Coral Gables Republican’s term as governor.

However, the new law makes it easier for students to advance to fourth grade by erasing that part of Bush’s education reform. There remains a third-grade reading and writing test, but parents can request that their child not be kept in that grade if he or she fails the state reading test. The legislation also eliminates the requirement for students to pass a standardized algebra test and instead requires students to earn one algebra credit through a standardized end-of-year test, accounting for 30% of their final course grade.

DeSantis also signed the legislation (SB7032) establishing a degree completion program that is an alternative to traditional education, or GATE, which will waive tuition and fees for people who drop out of high school but pursue professional degrees or job credentials in Florida’s state college system. The Florida Legislature has allocated $4 million to cover the cost of this effort in the state budget, which has not yet been signed into law.

Passidomo signaled that her efforts to deregulate public education were not over yet.

“With two years left in the Senate after my term as Senate President ends in November, I look forward to joining the senator (Corey) Simon and senator (Alexis) Calatayud as we continue to work on deregulation in the coming years.”

Simon, a Republican from Tallahassee, and Catalayud, a Republican from Miami, introduced education bills with the senator this session. Travis Hutson.


Anna Geggis contributed to this report.

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