Power outages: local disruptions, gusty winds in several sectors | Noida News

Noida: Short to sporadic power outages, mostly due to localized faults, were reported again in some areas such as sectors 19, 122, 105, 50, 44, 55, etc. in Noida and sectors 3 and 37 in Greater Noida. Streetlights also do not work in some sectors, causing safety problems after dark. According to Sector 19 RWA general secretary Laxmi Narain, the sector is experiencing erratic power supply due to frequent fluctuations and power outages due to strong winds. “In some blocks of flats on Thursday and Friday there were almost half-hour power outages. Due to excessive growth of grass, shrubs and bushes in the transformer cabins, there is a need for cleaning and repair,” added the RWA secretary general. They cited overload as the cause of the poor power conditions experienced by residents. Over the last two to three days, Bhushan Sharma of PK block in Sector 122 said, “Power cuts were happening every 10 minutes for at least six hours every day.” Residents of Sector 50 complained about non-functional street lamps in front of Meghdootam Park. “This creates a risk for motorcyclists and pedestrians, especially in the morning. There is also a risk of chain snatching in the area,” said Sanjeev Kumar, a resident of Sector 51, who visits the park every day. Jeet Singh, a resident of Sector 3 in Greater Noida West, said there was a power cut in Block C since Thursday. the night also halted construction work in the area. Devraj Nagar, president of RWA of Sector 37 in Greater Noida, complained, “We are facing severe power supply problems in this sector with several short half-hour power outages in the last 4-5 days. The power department has not contacted us.” Meanwhile, power department officials said lingering issues such as congestion and local outages in some areas are now being resolved.

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