Amazon still has over a year left before its Elkhart centers open

Amazon is still more than a year away from opening its massive new Elkhart robotic fulfillment center.

Amazon announced Thursday that it will open an 800,000-square-foot center near Elkhart County Road 19 and Indiana Toll Road in fall 2025. The e-commerce giant plans to hire 1,000 people full-time, starting at $20.50 an hour, with benefits that include health insurance, college tuition reimbursement and 20 weeks of paid parental leave.

Amazon regional spokesman Andre Woodson says hiring will begin one to two months before launch so workers can be trained to work safely with cutting-edge robotic technology.

“We will have a dedicated team that will work specifically on robotics technology, so they will work in the areas of robotics and interact with that technology on a daily basis, as do many of our colleagues,” Woodson said. “That’s why it’s extremely important that we have them at the center, we have started training, so of course we are creating a safe working environment for our employees.”

The facility appeared to have been completed for over a year, with Amazon initially planning a 2023 opening. The company declined to explain the delay, but in January, an industry analyst told WVPE that Amazon had rebuilt itself during the pandemic as e-commerce boomed as we were all stuck in our homes. Amazon waited for excess capacity to become available before starting production in downtown Elkhart.

Amazon also recently began work on a smaller delivery station near Elkhart Airport.