The outdoor clothing sector finances access to renewable energy in Taiwan

EOG will manage the project on behalf of IAF initiative members and the outdoor sector, and the project is led by joint venture company Act Renewable.

Taiwan has a significant number of technical fabric suppliers, and Act Renewable hopes to provide comprehensive knowledge of three potential renewable energy options in the country.

The work will also assess the feasibility of supplier participation and support for implementing agreed solutions through individual or group processes.

EOG’s Dr Verity Hardy, who will manage the project, said: “We are looking forward to working with Act Renewable on a project in Taiwan that has very significant potential to benefit a number of brands. I hope this news will encourage more businesses to consider supporting the fund and contributing to its vital work, which will ultimately benefit the entire outdoor sector.”

Established in 2023, the Impact Accelerator Fund is a collective endeavor funded by EEA member resources and fundraising activities. Its main goal is to support decarbonization projects and climate change mitigation activities in the outdoor industry supply chains.

Recognizing the significant investment required to achieve net zero targets, the EEA acknowledged that companies need to collaborate and pool resources beyond standard corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability budgets.

The outdoor industry has demonstrated a strong commitment to decarbonization through improved sustainability practices and innovations. The IAF seeks to build on this momentum and strengthen it through cooperation. In addition to EOG, brands that have financed IAF’s work so far include Ortovox, Gore-Tex, Icebug and Vaude.

IAF welcomes input from brands, retailers and other stakeholders across the value chain. Project nominations are reviewed and evaluated according to a set of predetermined criteria. The Taiwan Renewable Act proposal is the first to complete this rigorous process.

Dr. Katy Stevens, who leads the IAF EEA initiative, noted: “This is a really important moment for the Impact Accelerator Fund and for the European outdoor sector.

She said: “This ‘blended’ finance approach really gives our industry the best opportunity, taking to a much higher level what can be done within a company’s annual CSR budgets. The level of engagement that IAF has generated so far is very encouraging, but to achieve the necessary critical mass we need more companies to engage.”

Katrin Bauer, CSR director at Ortovox and founder of the Impact Accelerator Fund, added: “As a small player in the industry, we can only truly support big change when we work together with others. We believe that if we all find ways to contribute financially, our impact will be much greater to achieve our shared climate action goals. This is how the idea for the Impact Accelerator Fund was born.”

In January, the EEA required its members to engage in the Race To Zero (RTZ) initiative to help reduce net carbon emissions in the clothing industry.

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