The USA proposes ten transmission corridors including renewable energy sources

DOE is prioritizing clean energy such as wind or solar power, as well as offshore wind generation in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Department of Energy also announced minimum eligibility criteria for direct loans under the Transmission Facility Financing (TFF) program.

Potential corridors include one or more transmission projects currently under development and range in length from 19 km Down Length 1255 km and length from 1.6 km Down Width 160 km.

They often run parallel to existing right-of-way such as state highways and high-voltage transmission lines.

The Department of Energy said the corridors could facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, including offshore wind on the East Coast, and could also increase transmission capacity between the Eastern and Western interconnectors.


  • Delta – Plainsfrom North Texas to Arkansas;
  • Mid-Atlanticwhich includes parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia;
  • Mid-Atlantic – Canadawhich includes the onshore portion in northern Pennsylvania and the submarine portion to the Canadian border in Lake Erie;
  • Midwest – Plainsfrom Kansas to Indiana;
  • Mountain – northwestbetween Oregon and Nevada;
  • Mountain Plains – Southwestbetween Colorado and southern New Mexico;
  • New York – Mid-Atlanticbetween New Jersey and New York to help integrate offshore wind in the Atlantic Ocean;
  • New York – New Englandbetween New York State and Massachusetts;
  • Northern Plainsincludes parts of Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and several Tribal Nations
  • Plains – southwestIt includes parts of Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

There is currently a 45-day consultation period.

“Grid Showing Its Age”

“At over a century old, our power grid is showing its age, leaving American consumers shouldering the costs of maintaining it through frequent and extended power outages caused by extreme weather,” said Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

“The Biden-Harris administration is using every tool to expand transmission and deploy more reliable, affordable and clean energy in every pocket of the country,” she added.