Trump had “various devices” that kept him awake. You can guess what happened.

Donald Trump fell asleep in court again despite new pressure from his lawyers to keep him awake, according to a reporter on the scene.

MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin, who was in the courtroom with Trump during his “secret money” trial, Stormy Daniels, was quite direct when asked about her comments about the former president.

“Sleeping. I’ll say it again,” she told the network’s Chris Jansing, adding that lawyers have “tried a lot of different devices” to keep him awake amid reports that he continues to nod off in court.

“When side barriers appear, the lawyer no longer walks away from him because leaving him alone means leaving him potentially to sleep,” she said. “Now he has a pile of papers on him that he has to look through all the time.”

But they don’t seem to be working for Trump, who reportedly dozed off multiple times during the trial.

“None of these things seem to have saved Trump from his own exhaustion today,” she said. “Furthermore, when I looked up to see Trump taking the testimony, Trump was not taking it at all because his eyes were closed.”

During a later online appearance, Rubin acknowledged that there may be other explanations for Trump’s closed eyes.

“It looks like he’s been resting for a long time,” she told Chris Hayes. “Every time I looked up today, especially in the first part of the day, Donald Trump’s eyes were closed. He could meditate. He could have been taking a nap. It’s not for me to judge, except that I think he’s resting.”

Former US lawyer Harry Litman, who was also present at the hearing, put it more bluntly.

“I brought binoculars,” he said. “REM we are talking about. Seriously. He was below.

Ironically, Trump mockingly referred to President Joe Biden as “Sleepy Joe” – a nickname that, as more than a few analysts have noted, will be difficult for him to use again, given his tendency to doze off in court.