Hydrow will develop strength equipment following the acquisition of Speede

With the rise in popularity of at-home weightlifting, Hydrow announced the acquisition of Speede Fitness to develop its own strength product. Like Tonal, Speede develops digital, intelligent strength equipment.

While the Speede may resemble the Tonal in some respects, there are some key differences. First, Speede offers stand-alone units that do not require screwing to the wall. More impressively, the Speede seems to be able to deliver significantly more load.

Where Tonal has a maximum drag of 200 pounds, Speede claims it can deliver up to 2,000 pounds.

Of course, Hydrow will likely make some changes to Speede as it develops its own product. Hydrow says it plans to release its first consumer product as early as next year.

A new premium version of the rowing machine called Hydrow Vista is also planned for the end of this year.

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While other connected fitness companies like Peloton appear to be struggling this year, Hydrow’s continued growth is impressive. With Hydrow’s sales growing more than 23% this year, acquiring Speede seems like a smart move. Especially since this will make Hydrow one of the few combined fitness companies offering both high-quality cardio and strength equipment.

By comparison, neither Peloton nor Tonal offer both strength and conditioning products. If you wanted to get the benefits of having both services, you would have to pay for an additional monthly membership. Now, when it comes to Hydrow, they have a good argument that by working with them, you can potentially get the full package with one membership.

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