A container terminal in West Africa is partnering with Starsight Energy on a solar energy leasing agreement

West Africa Container Terminal (WACT) has signed a significant solar rental agreement with Starsight Energy, marking a key moment in the terminal’s transition to renewable energy. The deal is expected to provide 1.2 gigawatt-hours of solar power per year over a 15-year period, and by 2024, 30% of the terminal’s electricity will be switched from diesel generators to renewable sources.


This partnership marks a significant step in WACT’s goal to achieve net zero emissions and is in line with APM Terminals’ global commitment to achieve total net zero emissions by 2040. Managed by Jeethu Jose, Managing Director of WACT, the terminal highlights its commitment to decarbonization, seeing the agreement as a significant milestone on the path to net zero emissions.


Ladi Sanni, Managing Director, Starsight Energy Nigeria, stressed the importance of partnerships in facilitating the clean energy transition for global brands such as APM Terminals/WACT. The collaboration reflects Starsight Energy and WACT’s forward-looking energy and environmental stewardship strategies.


The project involves the installation of a 1,092 kWp solar-only system in two phases, with the goal of significantly reducing WACT’s carbon footprint by approximately 20,000. carbon dioxide during the term of the contract. Additionally, the initiative is part of Nigeria’s broader goal of transitioning to cleaner energy sources, contributing to the achievement of national sustainable development goals.

WACT, a subsidiary of APM Terminals, operates as the first greenfield container terminal established in Nigeria under a public-private partnership model. Situated in the Onne Port Oil and Gas Free Zone in Rivers State, WACT provides a vital gateway to markets beyond Lagos and plays a key role in connectivity in Eastern Nigeria.

The signing ceremony, attended by APM Terminals Nigeria board members, APM Terminals Nigeria and WACT management and representatives from Starsight Energy, highlights the importance of the partnership in supporting a sustainable future for WACT and the Nigerian energy sector.

The collaboration between WACT and Starsight Energy marks a key milestone in Nigeria’s renewable energy journey. By switching a significant portion of its electricity consumption to solar energy, WACT not only meets its sustainability goals, but also contributes to national efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use cleaner energy sources