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Kaben announces new OMS software to simplify cross-border e-commerce between Southeast Asia and China

BANGKOK, THAILAND / ACCESSWIRE / May 10, 2024 / Southeast Asia is growing. For several reasons – diversification of supply chains, a rapidly growing population and untapped consumer base, and attractiveness to foreign direct investment (FDI) – the region is growing rapidly. E-commerce has seen unprecedented growth, thanks in part to Covid. By 2027, 41% of global retail sales will be through e-commerce, up from 18% in 2017.

The use of other digital tools has increased over the past few years. 5 of the top 10 countries in the world in digital wallet adoption are in ASEAN. Indeed, e-commerce is booming in Southeast Asia. Now a new player, Kaben, has entered the scene.

The e-commerce OMS market is full of famous brands: IBM Sterling, Brightpearl, Zoho Inventory, etc. Now comes Kaben. For Southeast Asian countries that are interested in both cross-border trade and themselves, they are most interested in the Chinese market. Kaben is the OMS software for this. With all the specifications of its competitors, it will facilitate the expansion of Southeast Asian countries into the $4 trillion Chinese market as it is designed specifically for cross-border trade in Southeast Asia and China. E-commerce user penetration in China remains around 80%, with total sales reaching nearly $4 trillion. By comparison, if Thailand captured just 1-2% of the Chinese market, that would mean $10-20 billion (350-700 billion baht).

Kaben will make transactions easier by solving several problems. In particular, those related to logistics, consumer preferences and payments. Credit card use is relatively low in the region, with consumers preferring digital wallets or bank transfers. China maintains the highest level of mobile payment usage of any market in the world. The gross value of digital payments in the six largest ASEAN economies reached $806 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $1.2 trillion by 2025. Having an account with a financial institution or mobile service provider shows that mobile payments are the preferred method.

Southeast Asia will maintain annual growth of 15-25% for the next five years. People in Southeast Asia spend more time on their phones than anywhere else. Shopee, Lazada etc. are used daily. Given the rapid growth and potential of social and live commerce – where both the number of users making purchases on social media and the expected market value have skyrocketed – Southeast Asia will become the next global trade hub.

As countries look to capitalize on China’s growth opportunities, new technologies will play a pivotal role. The advent of OMS software like Kaben will streamline the process for those in Southeast Asia interested in selling their products to China.

By integrating Chinese platforms, pushing for cross-border trade in Southeast Asia and into China, integrating social and live commerce, and addressing the systemic challenges of e-commerce, Kaben will be key to capturing growth.

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