Shoppers ‘save loads of time on housework’ with £50 cleaning gadget perfect for the bathroom

Amazon shoppers say they are “saving loads of time on housework” thanks to a £50 cleaning gadget perfect for bathrooms and kitchen floors. The Leebein Electric Spin Scrubber – designed to remove dirt and grime from hard-to-reach crevices – is reduced on Amazon from £59.99 to £49.99.

Spin Scrubber works as the name suggests – rotating the bristles to reach cracks and crevices, removing mold and other unwanted bits that are difficult to clean. It can work on bathtubs, tiles, grout, floors, walls, kitchens and even glass.

There are multiple speeds available depending on the surface you’re using it on, and with the adjustable handle, you don’t have to bend down to reach those spots. It also has several head attachments, depending on what you use it for, including a bath dome and a corner brush.

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The battery lasts 60 to 90 minutes on a four-hour charge, and an LED light lets you know how much time you have left. The brush was appreciated by buyers, earning 4.3 out of 970 reviews.

One of the YouTube reviewers – TRF Product REVIEWS – tested the product on the kitchen floor. The video has 49,000 views so far and she recommended it. Showing a before and after photo, she says: “I used this brush for less than a minute on this spot? And it’s already cleared.” Before adding: “This electric brush worked better than I thought. I like it very much. I have to do the rest of the kitchen.”

The brush is equipped with many different attachments(Photo: Leebein/Amazon)

One satisfied reviewer said on Amazon: “Very light and easy to use. I was initially skeptical that this piece of equipment would add any value, but I was pleasantly impressed with its comfort and ease of use. Cleaning bathrooms is much easier now. ” Another added: “It cuts down on housework time! It’s amazing how quickly it cleans the bathtub. Great for back protection thanks to the extension cord. It also reaches to the top of the ceiling to get rid of cobwebs hiding in the corners. The brushes are well thought out and there is a lot of choice. I was recommended by Defo purchasing one. I have already shown it to my friends and they are very impressed. The battery claims to last for 3 hours, but I found that it needs to be charged before then, this may be due to me constantly adding more to my daily chore list. ”

However, a less satisfied buyer wrote: “It’s actually a really great device. The brush attachments are very helpful. I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen sinks with much less effort and effort. The bathtub also performed well. It’s also great to be able to adjust the cleaning angle. This was one of the reasons I chose this product. The toilet brush cannot be attached properly. I wasn’t entirely sure if someone had already tried this before me as the handle was a bit scratched. Too bad, otherwise really good.

Another added: “It helps me a lot with housework because it doesn’t make me have to climb or bend. However, I didn’t give it more than 3 stars because I would have preferred to be able to apply more force, but as soon as I applied a little more pressure, but in any case it helps me.

But a happy buyer wrote: “It made a really terrible shower cleaning job really fun. The instructions were really clear and the unit, complete with various heads, was packaged very nicely. Everything also looks very durable. I was able to remove a lot more dirt from the shower than if I had used a standard scrubbing brush.”

You can buy the Leebein Electric Spin Scrubber on Amazon.

Elsewhere, Debenhams is currently having a sale on its electric centrifugal scrubber with 7 interchangeable heads, down from £49.99 to £27.99. Or B&Q has the JML Hurricane spin scrubber for £39.99.