Casa dos Ventos expands renewable energy portfolio with hybrid solar and wind projects in Bahia, Brazil

Casa dos Ventos, a prominent Brazilian developer, has revealed plans to begin construction of two photovoltaic projects with a total capacity of 300 MW by the end of the year. These projects will be integrated with two existing wind complexes located in Bahia. The solar ventures, named Solar Babilônia Centro and Solar Babilônia Sul, will be linked to the operational 360 MW Babilônia Sul project and the 553 MW Babilônia Centro project currently under construction.


Guilherme Castro, Director of Solar System Development Engineering at Casa dos Ventos, revealed the company’s strategy at the Greener 2024 Summit held in São Paulo. Castro highlighted the unique approach to combining solar and wind assets, with an emphasis on optimizing solar connections in regions favorable to wind energy production.


Traditionally, photovoltaic installations are not located in regions with the best wind conditions. However, Casa dos Ventos aims to leverage existing wind infrastructure to increase overall energy production. Castro stressed the importance of properly selecting hybrid power plants and the need to carefully assess the risk of generation cuts because production is limited by contracted transmission capacity.


Despite the possibility of leaks due to capacity constraints, Castro expressed optimism about the performance of hybrid plants, citing advances in engineering and the potential integration of batteries to alleviate instability issues.

Since 2015, Casa dos Ventos has been laying the foundations for hybridization by installing solar measurement towers on its wind farms. While challenges such as wind turbine shading remain, the company remains committed to optimizing the performance of hybrid power plants.

The decision to incorporate solar projects underscores Casa dos Ventos’ commitment to innovation and sustainable energy development in Brazil’s changing energy landscape.