Meta and Solarpack are collaborating on solar projects to power a data center in Indiana

Meta, as part of a strategic partnership with Solarpack, will build two solar projects in Indiana with a total capacity of 210 MW (280 MWdc). This initiative strengthens Meta’s presence in the region, following its recent announcement of an $800 million data center in Indiana.


Solarpack, a renowned renewable energy company based in Spain, expresses enthusiasm for implementing its projects in Indiana with Meta. The collaboration highlights Meta’s commitment to sustainability, as evidenced by the signing of two long-term Environmental Attribute Purchase Agreements (EAPA) with Solarpack.


These agreements facilitate the acquisition of renewable energy to support Meta’s growing operations in Indiana. Meta will directly purchase solar energy production from Solarpack projects, contributing to the state’s goal of generating 10% renewable energy and driving progress towards a zero-emission future while driving social benefits and job creation.


Meta’s commitment to sustainability is global, with its operations running on 100% renewable energy from 2020 and committed to achieving net zero emissions across its value chain by 2030.

Leo Moreno, CEO of Solarpack, expresses excitement about the partnership, highlighting its role in supporting Meta’s decarbonization goals and representing a significant milestone for Solarpack in the United States. It highlights the importance of providing decarbonization solutions on a global scale, while facilitating local zero-emission generation close to data center loads.