Japan supports developers in many sectors in Bangladesh: Salman

Advisor to the Prime Minister on Private Industry and Investment Salman Fazlur Rahman said Japan is a true and proven friend of Bangladesh and supports the development of many sectors, including art and culture.

He was speaking at the opening ceremony of an exhibition titled “Blossoms of Existence” celebrating the long-standing cultural ties between Japan and Bangladesh, organized by JT International Bangladesh (JTIB)

“This exhibition is a testament to the friendship and cultural ties between Bangladesh and Japan. I commend JT International Bangladesh for this initiative and look forward to strengthening the ties between the two friendly nations,” Salman added. Iwama Kiminori, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Bangladesh, inaugurated an art exhibition at the Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh.

Addressing Kiminori, he said: “Cultural exchanges between Japan and Bangladesh will be a very effective instrument for strengthening bilateral relations. This exhibition not only showcases artistic talent, but also embodies the spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding.”

Paul Holloway, Managing Director of JTIB, noted: “We have been celebrating Bangladeshi artists with Japanese connections since the beginning, through a groundbreaking investment in 2018.

We have been organizing art exhibitions and supporting Japanese language learning in Bangladesh since 2022 and hope to continue investing in Japanese culture in Bangladesh.

The inauguration ceremony was also attended by guests from government, business, arts, media and other dignitaries of Bangladesh.

The Flowers of Existence exhibition was designed to ignite the spark of passion for a life focused on leading a meaningful and sustainable life.

Artists discover the layers of existence intertwined between the culture, philosophies and spirituality of both countries.

Rokeya Sultana is an award-winning artist and an internationally recognized graphic designer and painter – the first artist to receive a Fulbright scholarship and an Asian Art Biennial award.