Viztek will showcase the new Ultra DR software at AHRA 2014

RALEIGH, NC–(Marketwired – July 30, 2014) – (AHRA Booth: #109) – Viztek, a leading provider of complete digital software and hardware diagnostic imaging solutions, will showcase its new Ultra DR software at the upcoming association Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, August 10-13. The new software is compatible with Viztek’s full line of DR products and sold with the company’s exclusive passive trigger technology.

“Ultra was created to enable diagnostic imaging professionals to manage exams from a single screen for technologists, greatly streamlining workflow and allowing them to focus more time on the patient. All the content you need to watch can be managed on one screen,” said Bruce Ashby, CEO, Manager, Witek. “Continued innovation in imaging is simply – if not more important – to improve workstation software as well as to improve new panels. Ultra meets the needs of technologists who are on the front lines with patients and balance superior care with departmental efficiency.”

Viztek’s Ultra DR imaging software makes imaging smarter and expands the capabilities of radiologists and technologists. While other imaging software requires multiple screens for editing, Ultra allows you to do everything on one screen, streamlining your overall workflow and giving you more time for patient care. The software is customizable, allowing doctors and technologists to pre-set user-friendly controls to capture the necessary views to make a confident diagnosis. The ability to maneuver equipment to provide optimal flexibility during patient examinations also increases radiology workflow and reduces patient wait times.

Technology Combo delivers first-of-its-kind software enhancements
Together, Viztek’s Ultra software and passive trigger technology allow the X-ray source to be detected and automatically turned on without the need to connect the generator to the panel. Viztek is the standard DR imaging software for fast tracking and provides first-of-its-kind software enhancements with Ultra and Passive trigger technology.

Other benefits of the new Ultra software include:

  • Advanced stitching algorithms ensure the best possible images and also help eliminate repetitions.

  • Advanced foldering capabilities that benefit physicians and administrators with separate protocol, event list, and individual billing codes.

  • Lower dose with Ultra pediatric imaging software and combined with the Ultra wireless plan using a cesium iodide (CsI) detector for excellent image quality at lower doses.

  • Possibility to work on a tablet with Windows 8/7

For more information about the benefits Viztek Ultra can bring to your facility, visit Viztek booth #109 at AHRA.

About Viztek

Viztek is a leading provider of complete digital imaging software and hardware solutions, backed by comprehensive training and support for the hospital and private practice markets. The company provides state-of-the-art, internet-based Opal-RAD PACS and RIS systems, providing advanced connectivity and functionality at an affordable price. PACS and RIS solutions are complemented by Viztek’s comprehensive line of CR and DR solutions, with DR panels available in a variety of configurations, from retrofit packages to complete new radiology rooms and mobile solutions. More information can be found at