Google is releasing a developer version of First Wear OS 5 with better battery life

In addition to rolling out Android 15 Beta 2 to all supported Pixel devices, the company has also launched the first developer build of Wear OS 5, which is now available to developers. While Google hasn’t provided many details, we do know that the new update will improve the battery life of supported smartwatches.

Wear OS 5 is based on Android 14 and largely focuses on improving battery life across the board

Now, Wear OS smartwatches are a great alternative for those looking for a non-Apple smartwatch, but battery life is hit and miss. However, with Wear OS 5, the company wants to fix this as you will get the chance to have a smartwatch with better performance in terms of overall battery life.

Now, when it comes to making improvements to Wear OS, Google isn’t afraid to enlist the help of the best in the industry. Over the past few years, Samsung and Google have been working closely to deliver an even better experience, and this year, Google’s main goal is to provide significantly longer battery life for watches powered by Wear OS 5. That’s why the company mentioned that “running a marathon uses up to 20% less energy in Wear OS 5. This is impressive to say the least, and of course the increase in battery life will be reflected in other aspects of the devices as well.

Additionally, Google is also making sure that developers work on watch faces that do not consume much battery. The upcoming Wear OS 5 will feature a newer version of the watch face format, designed to allow the operating system to optimize watch face performance, allowing developers to focus more on design. The new version focuses on various aspects to make the user experience even better than before.

Finally, Google has confirmed that Wear OS 5 is based on Android 14. For users, this means that there is a chance that we could get a new version of the operating system every year, but this is not something we can confirm at the time of writing this text.

Wear OS 5 is still in developer preview, but starting today you can access it via Android Studio and test out all the new things Google has added to the latest version if you want to try it out.